Halo 3 PC code found in AMD Catalyst Drivers

Halo 3 PC was originally spotted in the Steam database along with a bunch of other games

While a lot of games were confirmed, Microsoft denied that Halo 3 was heading to the PC. However, a code related to the game has been found in the 13.3 Catalyst beta driver.

Now this may not be a solid confirmation but it is certainly surprising that a code related to an Xbox 360 game has been found on a PC graphics card driver.

Here’s how it goes:

<profile Area="UDX" Usage="Halo3" Notes="Halo3">
	<value Property="Version">1</value>
	<value Property="MTShaderCompile">False</value>

<application Title="Halo3" File="halo3*.exe">
	<use Area="UDX">Halo3</use>

Maybe the Steam database find wasn’t wrong after all and Microsoft was just stalling the announcement, but time will tell.

However, this is an interesting find and some developments related to this may happen in the future.