Hajime Tabata Becomes the new Director of Final Fantasy XV

final fantasy xv promo art

Tetsuya Nomura is no longer the director of Final Fantasy XV, as he has been replaced by Hajime Tabata. Nomura will be devoting his attention to Kingdom Hearts 3 now and we know only he can pull off that game.

Square Enix have revealed the reason for this move as well. People don’t need to worry about this as Nomura’s vision will be intact since a demo has already been scheduled for release in Europe on March 20th, 2015.

This means the final game could very well be released in late 2015 in Japan. Here’s Square Enix’s statement:

In reviewing our development structure, we have decided to assign Hajime Tabata as the new director for Final Fantasy XV. Currently, Tabata and the entire development team are working, whole-heartedly, towards completing the production of Final Fantasy XV and ensuring the delivery of the highest quality Final Fantasy title to date.

As the director of Final Fantasy XV, Tetsuya Nomura has mainly worked on the original concept for the story and universe in addition to creating the characters. Hereafter, he will be focusing his efforts on the production of titles that can only be made possible by Nomura, himself, and delivering products that exceed the quality of past titles, starting with another one of his representative projects, Kingdom Hearts III.

Final Fantasy XV also got a TGS 2014 trailer which looks spectacular. There are also some new details on the game.

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