GTX 1080 Officially Announced, Price And Performance Detailed

gtx 1080

Nvidia has announced their next flagship GTX card called the GTX 1080. It is the GTX 10 series which follows the spectacular 980Ti video card.

The card is said to be faster than GTX 980 SLI and a Titan X. So there’s a lot of power packed into this hardware. Now you may be wondering that it may cost $1000 like the Titan X. No, it costs $599 and will be available on May 27th or later this month.

There’s also a cheaper GTX 1070 card which is a great upgrade for people who own a GTX 970 which is widely considered as a great video card at an affordable price point. GTX 1070 will be available on June 10th.

Nvidia also released some performance charts which shows the amount of FPS boost you can get.

gtx 1080 benchmarks gtx 1080 power

If you own a 980Ti, this upgrade probably isn’t for you or if you want to run games in 4k, your best bet is to buy another 980Ti and run them in SLI.

The 1070 and 1080 cards use Pascal architecture which has a better power draw and requires a 500W PSU. The power consumption is around 180W which is great considering the boost in power compared to the old cards.

gtx 1080 consumption

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