GTX 1070 offers Titan X Performance At an Affordable Price

gtx 1070 main

Nvidia has shocked the gaming world with their latest graphics cards. We know for a fact that the GTX 1080 offers 25% to 30% more performance than the Titan X or GTX 980Ti but what’s amazing is that the affordable GTX 1070 performs as well as the Titan X which is a $1000 card.

The card uses the new Pascal architecture which allows it 3x more performance compared to the cards with Maxwell architecture. The total Ram amount is 8GB GDDR5 which should be enough to run almost every game maxed out at a high resolution, possibly 1440p.

Nvidia have really delivered when it comes to these new cards and will be the best choice for someone who is looking to upgrade. These new cards will be able to run anything on the market with all settings maxed out. Nvidia will be releasing a Ti version for enthusiasts in possibly 9 months from now. For the gamer who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money GTX 1070 is the way to go.

Benchmarks from many sites confirm that the card offers similar performance to Titan X.

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