GTA radio master tapes could have been lost in Hurricane Sandy – Lazlow

Grand Theft Auto radio master tapes were in danger of being lost in the floods created by Hurricane Sandy.

Lazlow Jones, who works for Rockstar Games, and you kind of already know him if you have played the Grand Theft Auto Games, since he also provides the voice over for the series radio talk show host.

He revealed this during The Opie and Anthony Show, where he said that rescuing these tapes were his first priority as the water level around his house was rising.

“The first thing I did, well, my studio is on the ground floor. That’s where GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, all those masters like the full recordings with Axl Rose and everything,” he said.

“I started freaking out and grabbing, just boxes of masters and putting it up on the second floor. Cause I was like, ‘I’m not going to let this stuff get ruined.”

These are quite vital things that are hard to replicate because Silent Hill’s source code was lost by Konami as well, and that’s the reason why the HD port turned out to be really poor.

Via Original Gamer.