GTA Online Guide: Make $2 million and 400k RP Per Hour Fast

gta 5 screenshot batch 4

Earlier we posted a guide which showed you how to earn $700,000 per hour and 160,000 RP per hour, but now we have an even better one that shows how to make $2 million per hour and 400k RP per hour.

This method will ensure that you will earn enough money to buy most properties online along with whatever else you want.

You need to be level 75 to start this mission and if you are at a lower level, please use the previous farming technique that requires you to be level 45. It will take you about 3 hours to get to level 75. Both the missions are given to you by Marin Madrazo.

You can check out the technique below:

  • robert

    why is this not working?????

  • Adrian Paquette

    this doesn’t work for me… blowing up the cars you mentioned does not finish the mission, you still have to kill all the duds in the area plus 2 more car loads and go chase down the documents to bring to martins house…. its def not as neat and tidy as you say it is and requires much more work that you fail to mention…

    • Joey

      They changed rooftop rumble when the heist update came out. It sucks