GTA Online Guide: Make $1 million per hour in Rooftop Rumble

gta 5 screenshot batch 4

There’s a level 75 mission in GTA Online and you need only one guy at that level to invite you in the game. The mission is called Rooftop Rumble and allows you to make $1 million per hour. Not bad, right?

This mission is given to you by Martin Madrazo and if you play this mission a few times you can easily reach level 75 soon. The mission takes really quick to beat so it’s one of the best ways to make money and level up in GTA Online.

The video can be found below:

  • Magnus Stjern Pedersen

    It didn’t work so I call bullshit on this one!

    • rtainc

      It was patched to make it harder to earn cash/RP.

      • TheWolverine180

        What exactly has changed in this mission after the removal?