GTA Online goes LIVE, 60MB Patch Required, More details

gta 5 screenshot batch 2

GTA Online was supposed to go online on October 1, and well, it’s time for that now. The multiplayer component of GTA 5 is now live and you can now go download a patch sized 59MB on PSN and Xbox Live to play it.

Update: It seems Xbox 360 users can see the patch which is approximately 59 MB but not PSN users. If you are playing the game, quit it and go back to the XMB and then restart the game. We urge people to be patient as Rockstar Games must have just switched on the servers.

Update 2: PS3 owners in UK can see the patch but it’s not live in NA yet.

Remember to backup your singleplayer save games before downloading the patch. After downloading the patch, the GTA Online section in the in-game menu will be unlocked and you can use the down button the d-pad or the pause menu to play online. There’s a character customization setting you have to go through as well.

Here’s the TwitchTV stream of the Xbox 360 version of GTA Online.

Watch live video from StUnNeR_H2K on

We will keep you updated.

  • extermin8or2

    I’m a ps3 user in the UK… no patch showing here…