GTA 6 Will Probably Not come To Current Gen

GTA 5 was the best selling game of all time, selling more than 80 million copies which is unheard of for any video game. The popularity of the game and of the online component GTA Online has emboldened the publisher Take-Two to release more content for the online component and hold back releasing a next instalment in the GTA series.

Releasing the game on next-gen consoles means it will be graphically superior and will support a huge world.

However, considering Red Dead Redemption 2 came out this year, it remains to be seen how long we have to wait for an announcement for GTA 6.

It does not look likely that it will be released on current generation consoles because Sony and Microsoft are planning to showcase their consoles in 2019.

The consoles will most likely be released in 2020 and it looks like GTA 6 will follow soon and be a cross-gen title.

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