GTA 5 will not release in March 2013, placeholders are not real

We see many outlets reporting Amazon and Microsoft Store placeholder dates as if they’re real.

It’s not. GTA 5 will not be released in March 2013 because Rockstar’s parent Take-Two has another game scheduled for March, called BioShock Infinite. There needs to be a little common sense applied here. Fans should not fall for outlets reporting fake release dates as the real thing taking advantage of their excitement for the game.

The game has a Spring 2013 release date, which most likely means it will be released between May-July, because that’s something Rockstar has used before to release games like Max Payne 3. Either way, March 2013 release date is way too early, and the game won’t be released on that date due to the reason mentioned above.

The game definitely is coming out this year, though, so fans should be patient and not fall for unscrupulous reports by outlets of placeholder dates being used as a real thing.

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