GTA 5 to get downloadable content, confirmed by Take-Two

Strauss Zelnick, the CEO of Take-Two, has confirmed that GTA 5 will get DLCs.

GTA 4 was a great game which received exceptional DLCs, which not only scored well but sold well too. Being exclusive to the Xbox 360 first, the DLCs were part of a deal between Rockstar Games and Microsoft, and eventually ended up on the PS3 and PC.

Will the same thing happen with GTA 5? I doubt it because Microsoft reportedly paid $50 million to Rockstar for the timed exclusive, which may not happen again, because the Xbox 360 install base is almost 70 million and they would not require to spend so much.

Take-Two CEO said that it was way too early to discuss what type of DLCs it may be and also hinted that they have a lot of interesting things planned.

“I think you can safely assume that Rockstar, as the label that led the charge in downloadable content with Grand Theft Auto 4, I think you’d have every reason to believe, purely because of the ground-breaking nature of the title itself and the multiplayer in the title, that there’s going to be a lot of interesting stuff. But I’ll leave that to Rockstar to announce.” he said.

GameInformer’s info blowout is scheduled for next month and we will most definitely get more info about the game there.

It will be released in Spring 2013 Rockstar has confirmed.

Thanks, Videogamer.