GTA 5 to get DLC; PS3 Region Compatibility information released

gta 5 screenshot batch 4

Grand Theft Auto 5 will receive DLC and it is required that people buy games from their own region to ensure proper compatibility, according to Rockstar Games support page.

It is expected that the studio will be releasing DLCs for its behemoth game that is scheduled to release next month.

Here’s what the page reads: “It is generally recommended that you buy and play games that are designated for your country to avoid potential problems with DLC region-compatibility, such as with pre-order bonuses.

“For example, a North American PS3 GTAV disc (BLUS31156 code on spine of box), Japanese PS3 GTAV disc (BLJM61019 code on the spine of the box) or Asian PS3 disc (BLAS 50639 code on spine of box for Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan. BLKS20442 for Korea) will play on a European PlayStation 3 console.

“However, if you live in Europe (where the GTAV disc code is BLES01807) you will likely have a European PSN account that will not be able to redeem a US pre-order code, and will only be able to download Region 2 (European) DLC, incompatible with non-European discs.”

PS3 is generally region free but when it comes to pre-order bonuses and DLCs, you need to buy games from the region your PS3 is from to ensure that it works. The game will be out on September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

We will keep you updated once we hear more on this, stay tuned.