GTA 5: Rapper Daz Dillinger claims his tracks were stolen by Rockstar

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Rockstar Games apparently took two tracks of rapper Daz Dillinger (who?), named: “C-Walk” and “Nothin’ But the Cavi Hit”, and didn’t reimburse him properly. That’s what he claims and has given the studio 14 days to give him a good deal.

He wants a better deal or all unsold copies of the game destroyed. Yeah, right, like that will happen. Rockstar Games had offered him  $4,271 for the two tracks but he wasn’t satisfied with that. The game has made a billion dollars so far and has broken six Guinness World Records, so that sum sounds a bit paltry anyway.

He told TMZ that an artist should be respected and “Rockstar didn’t do that here and I can’t let them get away with it.”

Well, it looks like there will be a hefty check in his name soon because this is something that Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive cannot ignore.

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Via TMZ.

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