GTA 5 PS4 1080p Resolution Confirmed

gta 5 next-gen dog

Grand Theft Auto V will run at 1080p according to the OPM magazine. We can’t post scans here but it’s true and the frame rate is supposed to be 30 fps which was expected.

GTA 5 was a great looking game on the PS3 and Xbox 360, minus the image quality as it had a lot of jaggies, but the 1080p resolution should fix all that.

By pre-ordering the game on PSN, you can get extra 500k credits for the single player and 500k credits for GTA Online. The release date has been confirmed as well and it should be out in November.

GTA 5 has sold a phenomenal amount of copies worldwide and the PS4 and Xbox One version might replicate the same. The PC version will be released next year.

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  • sampson3121

    1080p ps4, xtwat one is? lol can you believe a console is struggling to make 1080p in 2014?

    • TrueGamer

      Man you must feel clever calling the Xbox One that way. Well the PS4 has already struggled 3 or 4 times to hit 1080p so you are just making fun of your own purchase.