GTA 5 must be banned claims U.S Senator, “see what it promotes”

It’s back to blaming Rockstar Games and its violent GTA series for everything that is wrong in the world when a tragic shooting incident happens, it seems.

Things can get so predictable sometimes, with people running helter-skelter blaming one thing or the other but never looking at the main cause which is right in front of them.

Yes, I am talking about gun laws in the United States. But not, let’s go after recreational and fun things that people consume, and get it banned, because that surely will change everything, right?

A U.S. senator has said that he wants GTA 5 and the series in general banned because it promotes violence in young minds. Senator Joe Manchin, I feel, is not doing a right thing here, because there’s no link between videogames and violence. It’s purely a recreational activity.

Manchin supports the NRA and is a gun user as well. He recently said that, “These are my friends…They’re good people. They’re hurting. They’re in pain the same way as every American about what happened to these twenty little children. And I’m not going to let anybody be villainized.

“I’m so proud of the NRA…I’m so pleased they agreed to be part of this.”

Then he went and blamed GTA in this interview with MSNBCLook at Grand Theft Auto, put out by Rockstar Games in New York City and see what it promotes, shouldn’t that be looked into and maybe be banned?”

What the hell, Mr. Manchin, this is a totally a random accusation. What will banning GTA solve when guns are so easy to procure?

Blaming random things when the solution is quite obvious, is a completely baffling thing.