GTA 5 leaked in the middle east, guy posts video proof

Rockstar’s GTA 5 will release on September 17 officially, but as expected some Middle East retailers have already leaked the game. The region has a reputation for broken street dates and considering how popular the game is, it shouldn’t be a surprise that people want it early.

Check out the video below that shows that the guy indeed does have the game.

Update: Take this with a pinch of salt because Rockstar has told retailers not to sell the game before September 16 and based on how tough they can be, this could be something that the guy made up.

  • AuzizaVG

    its already proved that its fake…

  • PachterStation

    FAKE. He would of shown the box, opening the box with the manual, map and disc, put the disc into the console, load it up, start it, play it. FAKE.