GTA 5 – iFruit Phone Concept Video

Ever wanted to buy the phone in Grand Theft Auto 5? Well now you have an idea of how it may look like.

This is a great opportunity for companies to actually create something like this since GTA has a massive fanbase although the iFruit name won’t go too well with Apple since it’s obviously a parody of the iPhone.

The phone was found in one of the concept arts released by Rockstar Games where a blonde woman was holding one such phone. It kind of shows how popular the iPhone is among such people nowadays. GTA is a parody of the modern culture after all.

This video was made by T3 and has gathered quite an amount of views on YouTube. It’s awesome too and contains that all too familiar iPhone ring as well.

It also features the apps Franklin may be able to buy using the phone like ammo or weapons. Franklin is one of the protagonist of the game. You can check out some latest details on the game here.

Check out the video below.