GTA 5 Has a 1GB Day One Patch, Size Revealed

gta 5 michael max payne 3

Earlier we reported that the next-gen versions of GTA 5 would be having a day 1 patch but we now have the size of the said patch. Prepare to download around 1.14GB if you want to play GTA Online, although you will be able to play the single-player if you put your PS4 or Xbox One offline.

The game comes out today on the next-gen consoles and on January 27th on the PC. Recently, AC Unity had a 1GB patch too but that game was riddled with issues which isn’t the case with GTA 5.

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  • Jimmy from 12

    The rain
    was pouring as I hopped off the bus; I immediately flipped on my hood
    and jogged home. As I approached my house, I saw Mr. Bailey on his
    porch, reading an old looking book. He only had his blue sweater and
    cargo pants; his everyday attire. I said hi to him, he looked up and
    smiled for a bit before saying ‘hello’. That was the extent of our

    I unlocked my door and stepped in, greeting by a terrible smell
    clogging my nose. It’s been really bothering me for the past few days,
    but I usually get used to it after a few minutes. Covering my nose, I
    head into the basement, where the smell is coming from. I’m not sure why
    it smells so bad; perhaps it’s the rain amplifying it or something.

    Thump. Thump. Thump thump thump. Mr. Bailey. He was coming down to
    his basement, probably because of the smell. After hearing a few things
    being moved around, he turns on his light. I knew.

    I knew this because the light was shining right into my
    basement though a hole the size of a dinner plate, a beam of light shone
    past all of my equipment, tools, and junk and fell directly onto the
    two shriveled, maggot-infested bodies of the twins from down the street.

    I held myself still as he sniffed around the room, still holding his
    old looking book. It wasn’t long before he looked into the hole in the
    wall, and took in a sharp breathe once he realized what he was looking

    He then looked to me. He put his quivering hand on his hip and pursed
    his lips into a grin, baring his yellowed teeth. “Well, I was right all
    along,” he stammered, his grin growing as he croaked his next words,

    “I knew I smelled food.”