GTA 5 Guide: Broke? Earn A Million Dollars in 2 Minutes

There’s a new exploit out there which allows you to mint infinite money in Grand Theft Auto 5. It doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part and you can just become a billionaire in the story mode if you follow our $1.8 billion Lester Missions guide.

In case you don’t have any money and lost everything by foolishly betting on the wrong stocks, use the video posted above to get a few million in your account fast.

  • Law

    How are people broke in this game? Play for an hour, do a heist and you’ll be set for the rest of the game….

    • grenadeh

      You haven’t played then. To buy any properties in the game it takes anywhere between 250,000 and 200 million dollars. Some of the missions, like the last heist, take about 75000 dollars investment to get a gold medal – nearly 40,000 not to. It’s not exactly GTA4 where the health and money cheat are combined and you can just dial it over and over.

      Not to mention that practically none of the storyline missions actually give you any money.

      Without the Lester missions and playing the stock market because of them, it’s pretty difficult.

  • grenadeh

    Um I don’t think you guys know math. 34,000 per 2 grabs – it takes 10 seconds to switch between characters, on either 360 or PS3. That’s about 30 times except its more like 5 minutes.

  • dusckyfb3

    both the hidden packages are not there!!! is there a specific time that these packages are there ????

    • Lola

      They done removed it with the last patch. Heartless bastards.

      • grenadeh

        Those motherless sons of bitches. Wasn’t half of the fun of playing GTA due to the cheats in the past? What do I know – you’re right, spawning a rhino and then flipping the bitch in GTA3 because you used the cannon as a booster was no fun.

  • Chachamaru

    Huh. Got to try this….