GTA 5 for PS4 and Xbox One releasing on November 14?

gta 5 michael max payne 3

There have been plenty of rumours that GTA 5 has been delayed to 2015. Of course, Rockstar Support denied it, but that really isn’t a confirmation that the game isn’t delayed.

The issue stems from the fact that Rockstar has been quiet regarding the PS4, Xbox One and PC version of the game. There hasn’t been any new material on the game since Sony’s E3 2014 conference, where they showed a trailer.

However, according to Take 2’s UK distributor Exertis Gem, the game could be releasing on November 14th. They have changed the date from ‘To Be Confirmed’ to November 14th on their website. It doesn’t make sense to do that since Rockstar hasn’t announced the official date yet.

This doesn’t look like a placeholder and considering Rockstar Support’s comments as well, the game could very well be released later this year.

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