GTA 5 details: Permanent Bullet Damage, Wild Animals, and More

We have some more information on GTA 5 thanks to a Russian preview event.

There’s a military base in the hills which is hidden, and while this is not an important piece of info, we thought you should know since mistakenly going there will result in game over screen or if you are brave you can try to survive.

Bullet injuries may sometimes leave marks on the body and these are permanent ones, so as you play the game you may see the main protagonists changing a little bit.

Franklin is the air expert and while he is, say, parachuting, the player will see a lot of interesting thing which isn’t possible with other characters.

The wild animals are said to prey on each other so when you venture out in the forests you can see these things which really makes the game much more immersive. There’s a motocross track and a hunting ground. You can see tourists walking in the mounts, people fishing near the river and stuff.

gta 5 gameplay screenshot

Since the current gen consoles are old, the number of cars or pedestrians on street may not be as high and this is something due to the inability of these platforms to handle a heavy game such as GTA 5.

There’s also going to be background music and the underwater world is actually filled with a lot of details like colored fishes and sharks.

The game comes out on September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


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