GTA 5 artwork “The Trunk” gives story-based mission hint

GTA 5 has had a big media blowout last year where GameInformer revealed a lot of details on the game.

Before that Rockstar had released a lot of promotional material on the game which included a lot of screenshots. Now they have released a bunch of artworks and one of that called “The Trunk” shows all the three main protagonists opening the trunk of a car and it seems to me it’s a main mission from the game.

There are a lot of artworks in the official Rockstar site, and all of them are wallpapers which means you can use it on your desktop or take a printout. They contain all the artworks released so far and you can also find a lot of screenshots in full 1080p.

The game will be released on Spring 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s no PC version confirmed yet.

Check out the new artwork below.

GTA 5 the trunk

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