GT5 passes 10 million units, Series total 70 million, half of the sales from Europe

SCEE CEO Jim Ryan has revealed at the GT event that the series has passed 70 million in sales. Gran Turismo 5 sales are in too.

Some people were invited at the event and are live blogging about it. This is an incredible achievement considering Europe has contributed at least 35 million to the total worldwide sales.

There’s a 15th year anniversary event going on live right now where the game will be announced soon. A press release gaffe has revealed the car and track totals of the game, and it features an improved engine.

Gran Turismo 5 which was released in 2010 has passed 10 million in sales and is the best selling PS3 game ever.

First screenshots of the game’s HUD can be found here. These are impressive figures considering not a lot of PS3 games have hit such sales, and this shows that the GT franchise is still relevant.

Stay tuned for more updates.

  • Vera

    Nice, but too PD isn’t up to snuff with GT anymore and many will seek their sim and racing needs elsewhere.

  • Ana Helušić

    GT FTW, Sony is killing

    • Jack

      Sony is dying. BIG difference dumb tart.