Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Petition explodes with 200k Signatures

gta 5 screenshot batch 4

The PC gamers have spoken, they want GTA 5 on the platform and have come together to sign a petition asking Rockstar Games to announce the game because why not?

Red Dead Redemption did not come to the PC and there is a doubt among PC gamers that Rockstar could do the same with GTA 5, however, considering GTA originally began on the PC, there’s no reason why the developer would shun the platform.

The petition currently has 208,000 signatures at the time of writing and is expected to grow further. After watching the gameplay trailer, it’s not a surprise that people want to play the game badly.

Historically, Rockstar has delayed the PC version by a few months, and the same thing might be happening here. Rockstar Leeds were hiring for a developer to help them port certain games to the PC, so looks like they are already planning to do it.

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