Grand Theft Auto 5 Details: Controls, Customisation, AI, Guns, More

We have some new details on GTA 5, courtesy of an interview conducted by CVG with Rockstar Games’ Imran Sarwar.

gta 5 screenshot batch 4

He mentioned that there are a lot of possibilities this time and players have a lot of options in the game. You can for example shoot the petrol tank of a car to have it leak and cause a trailer, then you shoot it to cause chaos.

You can also plant a sticky bomb on a car and the end result should be something hilarious.

There are over 1000 car customisation options which includes bulletproof tires, armor, turbos, horns and more. You can’t fit weapons on your car but the car can be used as a weapon by targeting certain areas mentioned above.

If you have a customised car and leave it in the street, it will end up in an impound and you have to pay a fine to retrieve it. Whatever guns you pick will be with you throughout the game. In the trailer it was shown that you get to carry a lot of weapons and each type of weapon has a lot of variety.

The weapon customisation will help you tackle the missions in different ways. He also revealed that melee attacks are much more satisfying, and there’s a crunch when you connect with someone.

The destruction in the game will be a sight to behold.

The AI won’t be passive and will move up to your location if you sit idle. They know the environments they are fighting in and will take advantage of it.

If you face SWAT, you will notice that they are more organized but gang members tend to be the opposite.

There are a lot of possibilities due to the ability to control three protagonists. You will need to switch to a certain character to save another from trouble.

The game will be released on September 17 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. You can check out the gameplay trailer here.

Via CVG.

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