Gran Turismo Sport’s VR Mode is Very Barebones

Gran Turismo Sport is out in the US and will be out in the EU today and it is a technical masterpiece. The game’s HDR mode is stunning and one of the best implementations ever. However, while the VR mode is great you can’t play the whole thing in VR.

There are two VR modes: Driving and Showroom. The latter is self-explanatory and it’s kinda like Forza’s car showcases where you can walk around and examine the cars. It is pretty boring and not worth seeing much.

Driving mode is where it shines but there’s not much content there. You can only do 1vs1 races in the tracks and there’s no progression whatsoever. The implementation of VR is great and it really feels like you are inside the car. It can get pretty thrilling driving around in high speed. However, if you are new to VR you need to get used to it.

The interiors of the cockpits are wonderfully detailed and its clear Polyphony has put a lot of effort into the cars. There are not many cars compared to the previous games but all of them are wonderfully created. It’s a joy to drive them in VR mode.

Lack of VR support in the campaign mode is disappointing since it would’ve added a new dimension to the game. It’s clear the hardware especially PS4 Pro can handle VR pretty easily so Polyphony should have done more with it. The beta has finished in 3 days and Polyphony Digital had extended it by 24 hours.

Stay tuned for our review of the game.