Gran Turismo Sport Car List is Disappointingly Bad

Gran Turismo games have always had an enormous amount cars and while Polyphony Digital considers Gran Turismo Sport to be a mainline Gran Turismo game it doesn’t seem to be the case as the car list is incredibly disappointing.

There are only 61 unique models out of 150 cars that are supposed to be in the game. 81 if you like Vision GT. Out of the 150 cars that will be in the game, 135 are already known and the list can be found in GTPlanet site.

Even the track list is disappointing and it does not look like GT Sport is a mainline game.

A new video has surfaced showing some cars from the North American list. It’s not complete and is probably a demo build but you can see it below.

Other racing games have way more cars and actual relevant sound so this is incredibly shoddy work from Polyphony. The game will be out this year, let’s hope there’s more content that what they have shown so far.