Gran Turismo PS4 cars being scanned by Polyphony Digital (photos)

PS4 version of Gran Turismo 4 could be a reality based on these pics uploaded on a car manufacturers page.

The manufacturer who produces race cars, called L.M Gianetti has uploaded some new pics called “Scansione Per Gran Turismo PS4” on their Facebook page. The “PS4” part has been removed 5 hours ago which lends more credibility to the whole thing. The page has also been locked.

Now what makes it interesting is that they used PS4 in the title. Gran Turismo 6 hasn’t been announced yet for any console but there is a rumour that it is coming to the PS3, so based on these pics, it could mean that Polyphony is also working on a PS4 version of the game.

There is a process scanning where studio representative visit the tracks and cars and take high quality photos so that they could replicate that in the game.

The pics have been posted below, check them out.


gt6 1

gt 6 5

gt 6 3

Via GT forums