Gran Turismo 6 will be released on the PS3 – Report

Most people are expecting Gran Turismo 6 to be released on the PS4, but that may not be true.

Michael Denny, senior vice-president of Sony WWS, has let it slip that GT6 will be for the PlayStation 3. He revealed that the system will get more games and they haven’t stopped focusing on past consoles.

“Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA,” he revealed in an interview with Silicon Republic.

“It’s important for our content to have that kind of longevity because, as I was saying [about the PS Vita], the games that come through are going to get better and better over time.”

Now maybe it could be a cross generation title, released on both the PS3 and PS4, but for now it looks like it is definitely coming to the PS3. The system’s install base combined with the series’ potential to rack up massive sales, ensures this.

This should be a pretty disappointing thing for people who want to see technological progression, since we have already how Polyphony have struggled on the PS3 when it comes to executing their vision. If this title turns out to be cross gen, that would please both groups.

It could also be a slip up from Michael Denny, but considering he was talking about unreleased games like TLuS and Beyond: Two Souls, it seems otherwise.

Drive Club is the racing game that was announced for the PS4, and it looks pretty damn good too.

  • Tim

    Wow, after an already boring and underwhelming press conference, it’s becoming less and less enticing to want a PS4. What a giant F-up!

    • Ana Helušić

      woow you are so stupid, conference was great or you were watching some other shit, idiot

      • Thomas

        I’ve never seen a dumber brainwashed cunt than you.

        • RealGamer

          Killzone, Infamous, Drive Club, Watch Dogs and more was underwhelming?

          8GB GDDR5, is underwhelming?

          Clearly you folks that was disappointed with the conference simply wanted a plastic box on display. Screw everything else.

          You folks’ logic is laughable.

          • hesoyamdonMonster

            wait yaa ps4 can play all those game but it wont play GT6 –GTA5– last of us — god of war ascension ooo yaa there is no backwards compatibility, WHAT THE HELL IS SONY THINKING. yes i know it has 8 gb gddr5 shit and 86x super charged custom made processor and it wont play a games that was build on a 7 year device. if the ps4 cant do that, then what can it do ?? hmm ps4 can stream gaikai right?, that what my ps3 can do !!! Sony Sony Sony !!! what r u doing !! the event was good, but not good enough. honesty i might not buy ps4 if it doesn’t have any good 2013-2014 current gen game. and plz dont start explaining me that Sony didnt have any time to port these game (last of us –LAST GUARDIAN– god of war ascension). they had been designing the ps4 the past 3 year, obviously they should have told their team per advance. And even if these games are going to be release, why the hell Sony didnt show glimpse of it, not trailer but 5-10 second of some sort game-play or slid show, that would have made my day. and would have brought a huge hype among gamer and journalist.

        • brianc6234

          Someone should wash your filthy mouth out. With a brick.

    • BAMF_WaS03

      Yea what dumbass you are, you havnt even played GT6 let alone experienced the PS4 and your hating on both?

    • Chris Marrow

      You sound like a fucking idiot!!

    • Tombo

      The only bad thing about nex gen is fanboy’s start showing up. You’re a dipshit.

    • brianc6234


  • ps3 review

    my main concern for GT6 it do NOT!! have those damn yellow lines in the road to follow like GT5 had. and those slow ass puny foriegn cars to accomplish a race. also TOP GEAR tracks driving a damn slow ass volkswagon van, that was a bad Ideal.

    • John

      Don’t worry. GT6 will be the same overhype as GT5 and will include the same mistakes all over again.

    • anders gjerløw

      then ignore the yellow ligns in the road.and you can turn off the racing lines.

      clearly you havent played gran turismo before,that is how it is,you accumulate the money for the ride or the upgrades on that car,and if you fack up and buy the wrong car its your fault.people like you shouldnt play GT games.

      and your clearly is an american since you say puny foreign cars(only americans says that),ohh btw,the american cars in GT5 Sucks ass,Ford GT,camaros,dodger cars,viper.
      all foreign cars are better then american cars in gran turismo,shitt I rather go and use an enzo over and american car anyway,the american cars in gt5 are so heavy and annoying to use.I only say it to answer you,I dont think of mercedez as foreign cars

      so because top gear track has the stupid VW cars and because you buy the wrong car and you dont check the criteria of the race you hand in a great game??its so easy to check and get the right car for the race,you gotta be a moron to overlook it.

      I hate nascar,top gear track,AMG challenges and some other and I havent returned GT5.

      GT games arent like other games,you cant just buy 1 car and think you can use THAT car the entire carreer,you have to earn the money so you race races until you got the cash for the right car and then you upgrade it a little so it feels better and you buy your next car and so and so on.

  • Orionsaint

    If anyone seriously thinks GT6 is coming for PS3 or anytime soon. They haven’t been following the game industry. The earliest GT6 will come out for sale would be 2017 and that’s being generous and will definitely be on PS4. Kazunori Yamauchi, the developer of the GT games is an over obsessed OCD perfectionist. He will not let go of his baby until he’s pissed off every gamer and released a game that’s far from perfect and needs a million patches to be fixed.

  • Big Bobby

    It took Sony around 2 years to plan the PS4 showcase. Can’t see how as most of it was talking, plus most of it came from other developers/publishers. Because they was going to show hardly anything of the console, not forgetting its features, they had to drag it along. Sony’s own games hid away. It was the worst Console reveal in gaming history.

  • anders gjerløw

    its funny to read comments,me myself couldnt care less if the ps4 has 8gb of gddr5 ram,heavy HW doesnt mean badass console,so far only the racing game is intresting,im not buying the shitty ps4 for 1 racing game,if gt6 will be on ps3 I deff will buy it rather then on ps4.
    PD also said,I think atleast that since they have already got a gt game on the ps3 that developing gt6 will take less time.

  • brianc6234

    Maybe GT6 will have PS3 and PS4 versions. GT5 had 1080p graphics. Just make it for the PS4 and have a lower quality version for the PS3. Either way though, just make it so it runs on both.

  • peanutballsandminiturepenis

    hope they put in boats and planes like sonic transformed as that was well swell and cool