Gran Turismo 6 vs DriveClub HD Screenshot Comparison

DriveClub is a PS4 game and Gran Turismo 6 is a PS3 one, so how do they both stack up when compared visually?

The official photos supplied for both these games show a very high quality level but these aren’t an accurate representation of in-game gameplay. DriveClub should annihilate Gran Turismo 6 in-game but that doesn’t mean Polyphony hasn’t filled the game with tons of details.

We don’t have many screenshots of DriveClub but we do have a gameplay trailer which was shown at the PS4 event, and it gives a glimpse of what to expect from the game. Evolution Studios have put a ton of detail in the game and it should be something that should really set next-gen on fire.

First let’s go with DriveClub.

driveclub screenshot 1

driveclub screenshot 2

driveclub screenshot 3

Here’s the screenshots we have of Gran Turismo 6.

gran turismo 6 screenshot 3

gran turismo 6 screenshot 7

gran turismo 6 screenshot

So which one do you think is better? Let us know below.

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