Gran Turismo 6 tracks will be released monthly as DLC

gran turismo 6 screenshot 4

Polyphony Digital, creators of the Gran Turismo series, supported Gran Turismo 6 well with tons of content after release. But they kind of had to do that due to all the negative feedback the game received.

However, Gran Turismo 6 won’t be mismanaged and will feature proper additional content in the form of DLCs, and they will be released every month. Earlier we reported that the game had 19 new tracks and it looks like the track count will be increased post release.

In an interview with producer Taku Imasaki revealed that the team comprised of over a dozen people can spend a lot of days at a circuit to properly examine the different seasons and lighting.

He also added that “at least one additional track per month will be downloadable.” The game will be out this year for the PS3. There hasn’t been a mention of the PS4 version yet but it could be possible according to Kaz Yamauchi. A Nordic retailer had also listed the game for PS4.

Check out the interview below.