Gran Turismo 6 Special Edition Contents Detailed

Gran Turismo 6 has received a special edition and we have the first detail and the image of it. It’s called the anniversary edition which commemorates the franchise’s 15the anniversary. The game was announced last month and will be released on the PS3.

You can check out the packshot below.

gran turismo 6 anniversary edition

Here are the contents of the said edition:

  • Special Polyphony designed 15th Anniversary Steelbook (what you see here is not the final pack design)
  • GT6 game
  • 1M in-game credits
  • 20 cars with special 15th Anniversary custom livery and performance enhancement
  • Custom paint chips, custom race suit, custom race helmet and custom avatars
  • Apex II, a brand new updated version of the Apex game guide

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