Gran Turismo 6 New Tracks and Car List

Gran Turismo 6 has just been announced by Sony and we have compiled a list of cars and tracks new to the game.

The game has been confirmed to have 1200 cars with majority of Gran Turismo 5 cars carried over to this game, including the standard cars. Gran Turismo 6 boasts of 19 new tracks and by that they mean variations as there are only seven new courses to the game which you can check out below.

Some of them have been announced by the respective companies and others have been spotted in the gameplay demo at shown at the reveal event. You can also check out the feature list here.

The list is still under construction so but most of these cars and tracks have been confirmed to be in Gran Turismo 6. There are 1200 cars so it will take a while to find out how many new cars are there in the game, but the track list is almost complete.

Check them out below.

Tracks list:

  1. Andalucia, Spain
  2. Autumn Ring
  3. Brands Hatch Circuit
  4. Mount Panorama Circuit
  5. Silverstone International Race Circuit
  6. Willow Springs Raceway

One track is missing but we will find it out soon.

Car list:

  1. Abarth 1500 Biposto Bertone B.A.T. 1952
  2. Acura NSX Concept (NA3) 2012
  3. Alfa Romeo Alfa Corse 155 V6 TI (DTM) 1993
  4. Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde 2011
  5. Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale 2011
  6. Alpine A110 1600S 1968
  7. Aston Martin Young Drivers AMR DBR9 (FIA GT1) 2011
  8. Aston Martin Young Drivers AMR V12 Vantage GT3 (FIA GT3) 2012
  9. Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 (WRC Gruppe B) 1986
  10. Chevrolet Camaro Red Devil 1969 (2010 SEMA Best in Show)
  11. Chevrolet Camaro (Mary Pozzi’s ProTourer) 1971
  12. Citroën – (one of the brands included in Yamauchi’s Twitter escapades)
  13. Eckert Mach Forty 2012 (2012 SEMA Best in Show)
  14. Ferrari 500 Mondial Pinin Farina 1954 (Tour de France)
  15. Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1971
  16. Ford Fischer Racing GT GT3 (FIA GT3) 2012
  17. GReddy Trust 35RX (DBA-R35) 2012 (2012 Tokyo Auto Salon Best in Show)
  18. Honda NSX Concept (NA3) 2012
  19. Hyundai Veloster Turbo 2012 (spotted being photographed by PD at Cobb Tuning in California)
  20. Hyundai Genesis Coupe 3.8 2012 (either the Track or R-spec package)
  21. Jaguar XKR-S (X150) 2012
  22. KTM X-Bow R 2012
  23. Lamborghini Countach LP400 1974
  24. Lancia Martini Racing DELTA HF Integrale Evoluzione II (WRC Gruppe A) 1993
  25. Light Car Company Rocket 2007
  26. Mercedes Benz SLS AMG GT3 (C197) 2011
  27. N. Technology P4/5 Competizione (VLN SP8) 2011
  28. Nissan Schulze Motorsport GT-R GT3 (DBA-R35) 2013 (VLN SP8T)
  29. Phoenix’s Power GT-R CBA-R35 2010
  30. Plymouth XNR Ghia Roadster 1960
  31. RE Amemiya Lotus Europa 20B
  32. Tesla Model S Signature Performance 2012

These cars were spotted at the Gran Turismo 6 reveal event:

  1. Audi Audi Sport UK Team Veloqx R8 2004 (LM P1)
  2. BMW M5 (F10)
  3. Ford Focus ST Mk. III
  4. Honda NSX (NA1) 1990
  5. Jaguar XJ220 1992
  6. KTM X-Bow GT 2013
  7. Mercedes Benz A45 AMG (W176) 2013
  8. Mercedes Benz E63 AMG AWD Sportwagon (W213) 2013
  9. Mercedes Benz Black Falcon Racing SLS AMG GT3 (C197) 2011 (VLN SP8/FIA GT3)
  10. NISMO Fairlady Z Z-tune (Z33) 2003
  11. NISMO 370Z (Z34) 2010
  12. Toyota GT86 Cup Car? (AS1)
  13. Toyota Castrol TOM’S Supra (JZA80) (JGTC) (unsure what model year will be in, they all have slight differences and the one at Silverstone was just a replica)

This list will be updated soon.


  • FordMan

    Again 1 mustang in the whole dang game! I want to see more mustangs or i’m not buying this. I want to see cockpit views of some cobras, Saleens, gt500!


      Nevermind no mustang in sight yet!

    • SK

      If you don’t buy it, nobody will care. 1 person won’t drop millions of sales.

  • Je Ma Chri

    Well, I think it would be funny if there were some more unnormal cars, for example the Trabant, an old Saab or maybe a van or minibus. But, that’s just me…

    • ken gøran

      alot of the old volvo!

  • Wim

    7 new track locations?

    – Willow Springs (corvette trailer)

    – Infineon (corvette trailer)

    – Seattle (Acura NSX trailer)

    – Apricot Hill (Acura NSX trailer)

    – Bathurst (rumors)

    – Silverstone (GT6 trailer)

    – SS Route 11 (GT6 trailer)

  • Nader

    where are Trans Am’s?!

  • Carlos De La Torre

    the audi prototypes? like the ummm Audi R15 Challenger?

  • krunners

    1200 cars but how many Mazda mx-5’s will they have

  • Damon Whittle

    They should put the new BMW 3 Series in there and a couple of Mercedes, Audi and BMW SUV’s.

  • fox

    Renault escape f1 I wanna see it again