Gran Turismo 6 listing spotted on official GT site

There’s going to be a Gran Turismo related announcement on May 15th, and we probably know what it’s about.

A listing has been spotted on the official Gran Turismo website which clearly reads ‘Gran Turismo 6’. It’s no secret that the game is in development, in fact, it was revealed as far back as 2010 but never officially confirmed.

Sony’s Michael Denny had slipped up and said that it was coming to the PS3. It looks like the game is finally set to be revealed in a few days for a release later this year.

Here’s a screengrab of the listing that was spotted on the GT site by changing the URL to “GT6″… duh.  Changing it to GT7 just redirects it to somewhere else, so I guess that’s probably not on Polyphony’s agenda right now.

Update: Sony have removed the listing but you can check out the captured screenshot below.

  • Ana Helušić


    • Vera

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      • Ana Helušić

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  • The Truth

    This is more like GT5.5, what GT5 should have been.
    Just too slow PD and the overhype won’t save it this time.
    GT has been surpassed by other racing franchises and why GT6 won’t release for PS4 just shows how retarded Sony really is.