Google Stadia Could Be a Revolutionary Product

Google announced its new game platform called Stadia except they have changed the definition of what a platform consists. The new Stadia platform is a series of datacenters that can process a single instance at more than 10 teraflops.

Think of it as a streaming service but with the expertise and capabilities of Google. You are able to play any game from YouTube on any screen simply with a click. This greatly simplifies the gaming experience to people who aren’t interested in buying consoles or want to play games while travelling.

Google hasn’t announced the pricing or how people will be able to buy the games but they have started a new first party studio and have boasted a lot of game developers joining the service.

It might take a while to catch on because a high speed internet connection is required and the service will launch in the US, UK, Europe and Canada first.

They have also revealed a controller exclusively for playing games on Stadia but it is not mandatory.

It remains to be seen if this service takes off but it depends on Google’s ability to stick with the service if gamers don’t respond well.

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