Goodwill Hill Climb To Be Included in Gran Turismo 6, Concept Movie Released

Gran Turismo 6 is set to receive another track called Goodwill Hill Climb. This is a bit different than the other tracks as you would have expected and the studio has released a concept movie showing the track’s qualities.

This is also the third concept movie for the game which was released at the Goodwood Festival of Speed held in the UK. The game contains a lot of new tracks and cars and the full details are available here.

The game was announced a few months ago and will be released on the PS3. There’s no proper release date yet but it is scheduled to come out later this year. There’s a GT Academy 2013 competition underway where people got a slice of how GT6 looks and plays.

Check out the video below. Stay tuned to Gamechup for more news and updates.