God of War: How To Get Unlimited Throwing Range For Axe Enchantment

God of War gives you the Leviathan Axe which is made by the same people who created Thor’s Mjolnir hammer. Kratos has the ability to throw it and catch it back just like Thor does but you can make the axe even better.

There’s an enchantment in the game which is only obtained by beating the hardest challenge.

You need to beat the Valkyrie queen to get the Retribution enchantment that allows you to throw the Axe for an unlimited range.

It’s not that easy to beat her even in the easy difficulty. You need to have the best gear and also the best runes to be able to do enough damage quickly. She is also unpredictable and has a range of moves so you can’t rely on just learning the patterns.

To reach the Queen Valkyrie you need to beat 8 other Valkyries and then have the opportunity to fight the queen in Midgard.

First, you need to focus on getting a good gear- we recommend Ivaldi’s armor. Then upgrade both the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos to max to receive the stat boosts as well. For this you need to go to Nilfheim and Muspelheim.

The Retribution enchantment is really great and makes you feel like Thor. Maybe in the next game you can goe toe to toe with him.

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