God of War: Three Free Dragon Locations (Fafnir, Otr, Reginn) Guide

God of War is out and is a splendid game with a lot of things to do outside the story. One of the main things that you can do is just explore the world and check out the things Sony Santa Monica has hidden and designed for you.

There are three dragons in the game in the Midgard area that you can free and get some loot. It also looks damn great looking at these massive chained dragons and learning the lore behind them.

They are Fafnir, Otr and Reginn. The below video shows locations and also the way to free them. You can also do this after beating the game.

Freeing these dragons will give you some loot and also inch you closer to the completion of the game. The new God of War is a brutal and visceral game.

Check out the video below.

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