God of War: How To See Thor In The Game

The god of thunder, Thor, is in fact in the new God of War. However, he only appears briefly near the end. It would have been amazing to see both Thor and Odin but maybe Sony Santa Monica are planning to include them in the sequel to this game.

There are a few mentions of Thor in the game along with some statues. If you want to see Thor you need to first beat the game and go back to your home which will trigger a cutscene showing the god of thunder in all his glory. Well, it is actually a glimpse of the god but it still is very majestic.

You can use the travel rune to go back to your home. Here’s a video showing Thor and the entire cutscene. You don’t get to fight him in this game however but since you already killed his sons he must be itching to take revenge. There are also three dragons in the game and here’s how to find them.

Check out the video below.

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