God of War: Ascension had a development budget of $50 million

Sony has spent a lot of money on God of War: Ascension. How much? $50 million apparently.

In an interview with German site 20 Minuten, the figure is reported to be that much, however, it’s not clear whether that includes the development cost along with the marketing costs.

They do mention “entwicklung” repeatedly, which means “development” in English.

This should not be a surprise though, since God of War 3 costed the same and went on to sell around 5 million copies. The sales of Ascension probably won’t match that, but Sony should be able to cover the development costs at least.

“For God of War: Ascension a mid double-digit million amount was invested,” lead producer Whitney Wade said. (Via rough translation)

These budgets are nothing compared to some of the other games out there like Grand Theft Auto 4 or Modern Warfare 3.

  • The Prodejeff

    This game was an epic fail, after I finished it I brought it back. GoW3 was a joy to play this one was irritating from start to finish.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      So God of War 3 is the best in the series- I haven’t really played any of the games at all but I want to get the origin collection so I can?

      • http://www.facebook.com/alex.alcantar2 Alex Alcantar

        All the god of war games are good. What happened is that god of war 3 is so good that it makes ascension look crappy

  • Joyous Joy

    Wow, for that kind of money it really turned out to be a rehashed piece of trash. More like G*y of War: Extention.

  • val

    Heavy Rain cost around $14m and it’s much deeper and more ambitious in every way. Not sure why a simple hack and slash game would ever cost so much. They must be really bad at managing money – I thought it would be about $5m.