Gamestop’s stock goes down by 10% on Xbox 720 anti-used game rumor

Gamestop’s investors aren’t liking the new anti-used game rumor that sprouted today.

The massive retailer makes a lot of profit from used game sales, and it’s something that also sustains the company. Their stock has gone down by over 10% at the time of writing this article and it’s something that should really worry them.

Check out the screengrab below which shows the significant drop. You can check it out yourself on Google or Yahoo Finance.

Sony had earlier patented anti-used game tech as well, and will most likely follow Microsoft, because of pressure from third-party publishers. After all, they can’t risk the new Xbox getting a lot of benefits like timed exclusives due to this move.

The stock plunge shows that the investors clearly believe used games business is the backbone of Gamestop, and such a rumour causing a massive fluctuation in stock value is definitely something to take note of.

Update: down 11% now.


  • KingTygerVII

    I guess i can see why people would sell their stocks… but its rumor… and to do something like this is to have so huge BALLS, cause it will limit the “borrow” of friends to try out a game, or to even lend it to the girlfriend so she can enjoy, what is the world of gaming coming to when you restrict things worse than a bank… even in banks they let more than one person use the same account, while here is one disc per xbox. whats next? the consoles arent losing money over used games, only the developers are, and even so, there is no law against selling used stuff, This world is becoming chaotic because each day, they want to restrict more and more things, then they DARE to ask why people HACK their console, Phones, and other devices… because you keep making stupid restriction that isnt worth the money we PAID for….. this is one man’s opinion but maybe there are others with the same mind set…