Gamestop PS4/Xbox One Pre-orders to End on June 21 – Rumor

ps4 and xbox one featured image

A Gamestop employee has revealed that due to “insane demand” for the next-gen consoles, the retailer will close pre-orders on June 21st.

“We’ve been told pre-orders for both systems will be shutting down (probably permanently) at the close of business on Friday 6/21 in the US. Web pre-orders may stay online for slightly longer,” the employee wrote on Reddit.

He also explained the reason for this.

Limited quantities. The systems have been preordered in insane amounts and they don’t want to over-sell their stock, especially considering they don’t know exactly how many of each system they’ll be getting yet. This is a common practice for systems and collector’s editions and etc.

The employee on Reddit has some credibility but still it is a rumour at this point. However, it sounds quite believable since that’s what usually happens when they don’t know how many consoles they will be getting from the platform holders.

Via Reddit.