Gamestop hints at New Consoles, Optimistic about Physical Media

gamestop ps4k xbox 1.5

It looks like Gamestop has added more fuel to the, what is now, a gigantic fire that suggests Sony and Microsoft will both be releasing new consoles soon. PS4k and Xbox 1.5 could be a reality this E3.

There have been many rumours and reliable journalists have confirmed the rumours to be true so it’s basically a wait till E3 before we get more information on these new consoles. It is certain that Nintendo will be releasing the NX (codename) later this year or early next year, and Sony and Microsoft will not allow Nintendo to basically have a free run at the market.

Gamestop says that virtual reality and new console launches will rejuvenate the industry and accelerate category growth as you can see in the slide above. Earlier there was a WSJ rumour which basically said that Sony was working on PS4K and it would help in running games at 4K and making a difference in VR.

Their business is healthy and they expect physical media to still be relevant for a long time.

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