Gamescom 2013: Xbox One Indie Self-Publish Program Announced, No Fees

xbox one high res screenshot 3

Microsoft has officially unveiled its Indie self-publishing policies at Gamescom and we have learned that there won’t be any fees to publish games on the Xbox One. That is, provided, you become an Xbox One developer and for that there’s an application process. It can be accessed using the Xbox website.

The program is called ID@Xbox, which obviously stands for independent developers at Xbox.

Once an Xbox One developer is registered, they can get access to all the system’s features like cloud services, achievements, Kinect sensor access, and also the game recording functionality which is rumoured to be 5 mins so far.

Microsoft had earlier also announced that ever Xbox One console can be a dev kit. Microsoft has also appointed Chris Carla as the new head of ID@Xbox program.

The independent development scene has matured and changed a ton in the past couple of years, so we are acting on that to meet the needs of the development community. We’re really proud to offer this new path onto Xbox One and we’re excited to see what independent developers will build.

We will keep you updated as soon as more information hits.

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