Gameloft closes India studio, forces employees to leave voluntarily

Over 250 people are out of work as Gameloft has closed its India studio located in Hyderabad.

The company enjoyed 27% increase in revenues in 2012, so such a move is very weird but not surprising. The studio in India was set up to port iOS titles to Android.

To make matters worse they have been forcing employees to sign a note which said that they resigned for personal reasons. Gamasutra reports that people were told to leave immediately and the internet was disabled immediately as well.

Some of the employees haven’t signed the notes because they felt that they were “fishy”. The reason for closing the studio is not clear at this time but there should be more information coming in a few days.

If the employees really were made to sign the notes, it could mean that Gameloft doesn’t want to give them their severance pay, which would be in a very bad taste.