Forza “X” Spotted, Xbox Scorpio to be Called Xbox One X? – Rumour

Looks like we have a new leak which shows a new Forza game called Forza X. Now it’s obvious that the upcoming new Microsoft console this year codenamed Scorpio might get a new Forza and Halo game and an E3 reveal for at least one of them is certain, but this leak could also mean that the new console could be called Xbox X or Xbox One X.

Now it’s all just speculation at this point and this image may not be real, but very few leaks in the gaming industry do turn out to be fake.

The Scorpio is expected to release sometime after June and is said to be the most powerful console ever with 6teraflops of computational power.

This was leaked on 4chan and there have been many accurate leaks there like Bloodborne. E3 is still many months away so we have to wait till this gets confirmed.

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