Forza Horizon 2 Xbox One install size revealed

forza horizon 2 size

Forza Horizon 2 has appeared on the Xbox Live Marketplace and we also have the install size for the game. The game will take a whopping 35.84 of your Xbox One HDD, and this is not a surprise considering most Xbox One games have been hovering at that size range.

The fact that the listing is up on the marketplace suggests that the game has gone gold as well. However, unless there’s an official confirmation nothing can be said about it.

The game comes out on September 30th for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, and is sequel to one of the most impressive and critically acclaimed racers of all time.

A demo for the game will be released on September 16th and it gives a “brief taste of what to expect” from the full game.

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Thanks, GAF.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    With that file size, it might take 3.5 hours to install, amirite? lol I’m obviously joking.

    • Christian Armstrong

      Dunno about joking mate but I pre-downloaded destiny which is about 18 gb and that only took 1 and a half hours so it wouldn’t be far off. Hopefully they’ll do the pre download thing for it to take the strain off

      • doplerradar

        I am pretty sure they will have pre download for it.

      • Kurt Weber

        Geez that is slow.. I hear a lot of people say their games take a long time to download but I’ve never had an issue. I preloaded Nhl and destiny all under 45min…and my Internet is fast but not spectacular. I got 75/75 Verizon fios but I hear people with Google fiber 1000/1000have slow speeds…

  • ineedgames

    Not really much considering other games take up 40 to 50 GB