Forza 5: Xbox One Controller’s Haptic Feedback Helps Players

forza motorsport 5 screenshot

Turn 10 boss Dan Greenawalt has revealed at Comic-Con that the Xbox One controller will greatly enhance the overall Forza 5 experience because of the rumble functionality.

Microsoft had mentioned that the controller features enhanced capabilities and even the triggers can provide feedback. In their words, there are over 40 design innovations in the controller.

The tires and braking provide a lot more feedback to the player, and it may not be necessary to play with a wheel and the controller is more than enough to give players a better idea about what they are doing in the game.

Forza Motorsport 5 is a launch title for the Xbox One and will be released later this year. The game doesn’t contain weather or night racing and that’s certainly disappointing as the controller would have enhanced driving in such conditions even more.

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Via Polygon.