Forza 5 supports 24 players online, has 120 new cars and dedicated servers

forza 5 bathurst

Amazon france has leaked some new information about Forza Motorsport 5 and car lovers should be pleased with what the game has to offer. It has been revealed that the game has 120 new cars and supports 24 players online.

Forza 3 by comparison only supported 8 players online and Forza 4 supported 16 players online, so this is a huge upgrade.

Link racing games: Whether you are a beginner or experienced pilot, Forza Motorsport 5 is for you! Hundreds of cars reproduced to perfection, more than 120 new available from the start. Change in your garage and choose to ride on the legendary circuit or in the heart of cities around the world.

A unique multiplayer experience: With 24 drivers for the first time on the same course online, do yourself a name among the gaming communities. The matchmaking system Smart Match offers a whole new multiplayer experience, fast and competitive, perfectly suited to your skills and style. Finally for the first time, Forza5 benefit from dedicated servers.

The game is a launch title for the Xbox One and uses the power of the cloud. Turn 10 confirmed earlier that Spa Francorchamps and Bathurst circuits will be available in the game for the first time.

Amazon fr via GAF

  • Targu

    Forza supports 16 players, doesn’t?

    • Marc Carter

      8 online

  • Nick

    Forza 4 supports 16 players for sure.

  • Guest

    Forza 4 supports 16 players for sure!

    • Dakan45

      FU AND SONY.

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        that cool yet i don’t remember writing this

        • Dakan45

          seems like you dont even remember what you vote up either.

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    Does any driver actually call themselves Pilots?

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  • Jessenia Lopez

    Corvette vs The World

  • JamaIn4no

    This is going to be fun