Forza 5 Details: No Weather or Night Racing, Full Autovista Support

forza motorsport 5 screenshot

We have some new details on Forza Motorsport 5. The game is scheduled to launch later this year and is a launch title for the Xbox One.

People expecting weather and night racing are in for a disappointment as Turn 10’s Dan Greenawalt has confirmed on a Twitch TV Stream that the game won’t support those features. It’s something fans really wanted from the game considering it’s something that they’ve been asking since Forza Motorsport 3.

The good news is that the game runs at 1080p and 60fps. The game’s visuals can be seen in this in-game trailer.

Paints and tunes are still like the ones in the previous games. They can be created, traded and used but the now the payment depends on the usage and not the initial selling price.

The Auction House is gone due to the above point where they made paints and tunes free to buy. Cloud based suggestions are possible where the game learns what types of paints you like and will suggest you the same. At the Forza 5 E3 demonstration the Drivatar AI was said to evolve based on your driving abilities.

One more good news is that all the cars support Autovista mode which means you can check them out in detail. However, the car roster is still unconfirmed and may be less than Forza 4 due to mandatory Autovista.
  • mike

    A next-gen racing game without weather and night races?
    What are the reasons to not include it, this time?
    Already lacking power, huh?

    • gamerz

      Already lacking power? Are you retarded?

      • mike

        Forza 4 didn’t feature weather and night racing, here is their BS reasons:

        Eurogamer: Gran Turismo has weather effects and night racing. Why doesn’t Forza 4? Have you explored the possibility?

        Dan Greenawalt: Every version we explore night and weather. We whittle down thousands of ideas, and we have these autonomous teams. We hire specialists. We build the game like an onion. At its core is a drop-dead amazing simulation engine. But we always assume we’re wrong, and then find the best way to make it better. It’s that commitment that makes me confident we have the strongest simulation, because we build partnerships other companies just can’t, and we have a commitment to getting it right at our core.

        We then build assists and fun gameplay and things on top of it without ever sacrificing that. Well, part of that is a solid 60 frames per second. And I mean solid. When you start doing multiple projected shadows off of the front of the car… we have 16 players, so 16 cars times two, so 32 projected shadows. That is a very graphically intense thing.

        Now, that’s totally possible on the Xbox 360, but it means the specialists we have in graphics would need to work on that problem, and it would be a hard problem. The hard problem we chose to take on with our graphics this version was Image Based Lighting, and working with Hollywood. Every version, we look at this long list of features we would do, and they are divided into these different autonomous groups that have the specialists that could actually do it. We just can’t take a network developer and say, hey, why don’t you do a new particle system. It’s not that they’re smart guys, but we hired them because they are so good at delivering network code.

        Graphically, doing huge particle effects, we would have to have that group that was developing IBL, and that took a long time for us to get it right. We had to implement a whole new way of thinking through the partnership with Hollywood. We’d have to have them working on that from the ground up. So that’s the type of thing where we could do it. We could do it on this hardware. But it didn’t prioritise higher than IBL, because the IBL and the way the game looks now is stunning, and it’s universal. It helps everybody, no matter what type of player you are, having a beautiful looking game that runs at 60 frames per second is awesome.

        The things I’ve read on forums, people saying, well, I wish they didn’t do this feature – first, that shows a lack of respect for the people who are going to love that feature, which is fine. I don’t expect gamers to respect people the way I do. But, the assumption in that statement is, we have 350 people, why don’t you just move them all on to this other thing I want?

        It’s like, I can’t move artists onto it. That’s not going to help. I can’t move networking devs. I can’t move my physics developers. I can’t move my AI developers. To hire the best in the industry takes years. Years. To hire the type of guys we get, you have to take people from Hollywood and other game companies. It’s the only way you get senior talent. So you can’t just decide, we want to do more, let’s just staff up.

        Full interview:

        Now, we are talking about the Xbox one,which has, at least, 5-10 times more processing power than the x360. And still NO weather effects or night races? Why? If they have enough power, there is no reason to not have it. But maybe the 60fps at 1080p are already maxing out the console, who knows.

        Smart young man, can you explain us, retarded guys, your theory why turn 10 isn’t putting weather effects and night races on forza 5, so we become as smart as you?

        • trollhunter

          …yeah, or maybe because it’s been rushed for release ahead of completion as MS want it out for launch ;)
          Now go and crawl back up your ass :p

  • IssY

    If you want the definition of a rushed game, this is it. It is, literally, being rushed to get it ready for Bone launch. I don’t blame Turn 10, but Microsoft have made so many stupid decisions it makes sense they’d send their flagship racer to die.

  • marcofdeath

    When this looks as bad as DRIVE CLUB then it’s rushed, the game is doing a from of ray tracing.
    Why is a 1.2TF look like this and a 1,8TF look like shit.

  • randomize

    If you want night and day cycles and weather just don’t buy forza 5 it’s as simple as that.I will still enjoy it with or without the weather or night. Enjoyed all the other Forza games without them,i don’t see why it would be different this time. Remember that this is the very first games to come out the new gen, You cannot expect them to bring everything we have been asking for when their still figuring out how to maxamize the tech on both systems. Driveclub and Forza 5 may have their problems but they will be both great games with their own storng points.